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Heritage Corridor Society N.S.C.A.R. Children of the American Revolution

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Purpose of Projects
Each year the incoming National and State Presidents choose worthy projects to encourage State and local societies to support worthy and often patriot endeavors.


Illinois State President's Project

 State President

Stephanie Silkey


The 2012-2013 Illinois State President Project is to raise funds to place a life size bronze Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood Illinois.

Statue Facts

• Abraham Lincoln was the President who founded the national cemetery system via an Act of Congress July 17, 1862. He is the first U.S. President to be honored with a statue in a national cemetery.

• Location – The NEW South Entrance to the Memorial Walk near the new handicapped parking being added behind the assembly area at the main flagpole.

• The 6’- 4" life-size bronze likeness of Lincoln will be positioned at ground level on a small concrete patio with a cut limestone bench positioned across the back edge of the patio.

• The back of the cut limestone bench will include bronze emblems of the five military branches and each end of the bench will include a bronze tablet (one telling the story of Lincoln as the founding President of the national cemeteries and the other will include the final paragraph of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address – his last major speech given five weeks before his assassination.)

• Carved into the base of the limestone bench is the phrase: "to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan" taken from the last paragraph of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural which has served as the unofficial mantra of the Department of Veteran Affairs.

• The setting is designed to provide cemetery visitors young & old with a place of contemplation, an education about Lincoln’s role in veteran affairs, and a place to take a photograph standing next to a life-size Lincoln.

Please join our State President Stephanie Silkey in support of this Patriotic endeavor as we mark our "Footsteps To Lincoln".

Stephanie Silkey
Illinois State President


Robert Collins

Senior State President


Learn more about this project and the ALNC Support Committee:

National Theme:

"The Turning Point"


Illinois State Theme

Footsteps to Lincoln


During the Second Virginia Convention held at the Historic St. Johns Church in Richmond Virginia Patrick Henry gave his famous speech "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death". visit

to learn more.







National President's Project

National President

Gregory J. Thorne


The National Project is to raise funds for the Sword Surrender Site Project at Saratoga National Park. This project will include a bas-relief sculpture, memorial, walk-ways, and interpretive signage. The basis of this project is the famous painting, The Surrender of General Burgoyne, by John Trumbull. Major Henry Dearborn would later reflect that Saratoga was “one of the Greatest battles that Ever was fought in America.” Saratoga was the turning point of the American Revolution. Saratoga was the turning point which resulted in our alliances with France and Spain. Saratoga was the turning point, not only for the colonists, but also for the world. Without this victory, there is no success in our Revolution, there is no French or Spanish Alliance, and there is no United States of America.

The National Program Packet is your guidebook to have an exciting and informative C.A.R. year. Use this packet for programs and suggestions to help educate our members. I encourage you to promote the objectives and programs of each officer and committee among your C.A.R. friends and within your communities. Use the National Merit Award guidelines at your local and state meetings to “go for the gold!”

Gregory J. Thorne

National  President


Hans Jackson

Senior  National  President