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Heritage Corridor Society N.S.C.A.R. Children of the American Revolution

Society Officers

Society Officers
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The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution trains good citizens, develops leaders, and promotes love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people.

Society Officers:                             Senior Society Officers:

President                        Fantasia C.              Mrs. Cyndi

Vice President:               Stephanie V.            Mrs.  Tami

Chaplain:                        Emily K.                  Mrs.  Barb

Recording Sec:                Stephanie S.            Ms.  Diane

Corresponding Sec:         Scott K.                  Mrs. Ellen

Treasurer:                       Marlena M.              Mrs. Joyce

Registrar:                        Dominic C.              Mrs. Cyndi  

Historian:                       Maximus M.             Mr. Mark G.

Librarian:                       Hannah R.                Mrs. Roberta

Curator:                         Joseph  C.               Mrs. Jonquil



Committee Chairmen                                    Senior:

Stephanie V.   - Project Patriot:                                       Mrs. Joyce

Stephanie V.  - Honor Flight;                                          Mrs. Cyndi

Stephanie S.  -Constitution Week/American Flag       Mrs. Ellen

Stephanie S.  -Mountain Schools                                   Mrs. Ellen

Emily K.         -American/Heritage                                   Mrs. Tami

Scott K.         -American Indian                                       Mrs. Tami

Fantasia C.    - Conservation                                           Mrs. Jonquil

Dominick C    -Veterans                                                    Mrs. Jonquil


Members Serving ISCAR State Board:

Heritage Corridor is proud to be home to the Illinos State President

          ****Stephanie S.     -Illinois State President 2012-13

Emily K.              - Illinois State Curator

Fantasia C.         -State Chairman of  CAR/DAR Relations

Stephanie V.      - Honorary Illinois State President 2010-11


Members Serving NSCAR National Board:

Stephanie V.          -National Magazine Chairman

Welcome New Members!
Taelyn F.
Emily B.
Destinie D.



            I believe in the Children of the American Revolution as an organization for the training of young people in true patriotism and love of country, in order that they shall be better fitted for American citizenship.


            As a descendant of the Founders of my Country, I believe that my birthright brings a responsibility to carry on their work, and that as the boys and girls of 1776 took an active part in the War for Independence, so the boys and girls of today have a definite work to do for their Country.  As a member of the Children of the American Revolution, I believe it is my duty to use my influence to create a deeper love of country, a loyal respect for its Constitution and reverence for its Flag, among the young people with whom I come in contact.

       Ethel Vance Moser



          As members of the Heritage Corridor Society of the Children of the American Revolution; we pledge to honor all our Nation Hero’s. Never to forget their personal sacrifices made at home or abroad. We pledge to always honor our Creeds and to share in the sprit of patriotism with others, to respect the Flag of United States of America and to encourage others to do the same.   


Organizing Senior Society President

Cyndi P. Valencia

April 2002